Coming to Astoria: Samples from Astoria Coffee!

Coffee samples from Astoria Coffee

Samples from Astoria Coffee.

I love coffee. I’m even one of those “weird” people who doesn’t drink coffee for the caffeine. I drink decaf most of the time; I just love the flavor. So, when I heard that a coffee shop was opening right in the neighborhood (on 30th Street and 30th Ave, right near the Verizon store), I was super excited. Then super dismayed when I realized exactly how much money I will be spending there.

Still, Astoria Coffee is going to be an amazing addition to the neighborhood—gourmet coffee, loose leaf teas, beer and wine, baked goods, and even some other light munchies. I was lucky enough to get in contact with Dennis via Twitter and snag some samples of beans they were trying out.

First up was the Bolivia Apolo. When I poured the beans out to grind them, I was shocked. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such a light roast. The beans had a gorgeous honey blond color in some parts with a darker, chestnut-brown in others. As the coffee brewed up, the aroma was delicious and very sweet—the bag said it had nougat aromatics and I could definitely see that. Sweet, with a hint of caramel. The taste is what really got me. The acid hit powerfully up front. You could tell this was a coffee that could put some hair on your chest. But, as I drank, the acid stepped back, and the flavor became smooth and slightly honeyed. I didn’t get any Nutella like the bag claimed, but that could just be me. Overall, I’m not a light roast person, but, if you are, this coffee would absolutely knock your socks off.

Up the next day was the Rwanda Nyamagabe, which was a complete change of pace as it’s a nice, dark roast (more my style, generally). As the coffee brewed, the smell was incredible. Lots of chocolate notes and a deep aroma that permeated the apartment. The taste was even better—smooth and rich like cocoa. Were it not for the fact that more than a small cup of coffee makes me bounce off walls, I would have drunk the whole pot. It was just incredibly easy to sit and sip, comforting and warming, perfect for a rainy or cold day. I would buy this coffee again in a heartbeat.

Both coffees were very different and delicious. Most important, they were not like the usual beans I find in grocery stores (even my beloved Fairway). They definitely offered something unique and special, something worth going out of my way for. If this is what Astoria Coffee has to offer, I cannot wait for them to open their doors.

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