Apartment Epicurean is New York City-based cooking and food blog about living in small spaces and on small budgets.


Gourmet food isn’t about the price tag—it’s about the love. Apartment Epicurean makes the most out of food, no matter the limitations, including: tips on making items without the appropriate equipment (who’s got room for a chinois in a 100 square foot kitchen?); substitutions for expensive ingredients (just a few shiitakes can add a ton of flavor); and how to eat out without breaking the bank.


The Cover Cooking Challenge is my newest project. I will take recipes from magazines, television shows, and other websites and make them budget and tiny-kitchen friendly. If you have suggestions for recipes you’d like to see me adapt, please send me a message!

Tiny galley kitchen

77 square feet of space; limitless possibilities.

Recipes and Cooking chronicles any other cooking I do. I will post the recipes I follow or make up, along with budget tips or tiny-kitchen tricks. Cooking in a small space isn’t easy, but there’s always a way to work around what you don’t have. Being creative is half the fun.

NYC sunset

There’s nothing like a sunset over New York.

Out and About will explore the food scene in New York City, mainly in my home neighborhood of Astoria, Queens. While it will mostly be restaurant and bar reviews, it will also be where I link to other interesting food articles.


the Vons

My husband and me in Central Park, NYC.

I’m a twenty-eight year old living with my husband and cat in a one-bedroom apartment in Astoria, New York. By day, I write book covers. By night, I explore NYC, catch up on Breaking Bad, and, of course, cook. While I have no professional background in food, I’ve been cooking since I was old enough to help my mom make dinner. Food is one of my biggest pleasures, passions, and stress-relievers.





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